Self Help

Clean browser history, defragment drives, remove temp files. You can do it all alone.

Sometimes the mentioned issues slowing down your computer, those issues can be fixed easily, without call a technician, whom probably over price you for pretty easy solution. Our experts will teach you how to do it all alone, in-case you have a problem, you can always contact our experts for a better solution.

Many times when we converse with a client who bought a new computer I hear The question "So how is the computer? It is a good computer???" If he had consulted us before purchasing the computer " he might have also paid less and gotten much more, and to this end precisely, we prepared this guide. After we have proven that we needed a new computer for numerous reasons Like for example: The inability to upgrade memory or other parts Or too slow performance of the processor and even if it is already not worthwhile to pay to repair the old computer and a professional has explained why it should be replaced We are deliberating a lot regarding which new computer is worth buying and how will we know what is best for us? And in which computer is it worthwhile for us to invest our money in? Here, in this guide, you will be able to find some professional guidelines that will help you reach the right conclusion.

1. There is a variety of computers on the market and all of them are almost identical both in terms of the parts and the basic software which is the operating system, word processing, Email, etc. but it is important to adapt the computer to our personal needs because needs of a computer for office use for example, will consume less memory, processor that is not particularly powerful. and a video card that also has the most standard performance. This lowers the cost of the computer considerably and we do not have to pay. more and the big difference sometimes in performance and options that we shall not need.

2. After we have defined the objective for which we are interested in buying computer We will check the expansion options the computer gives us for example: Till how much can the memory be expanded? Is it possible to upgrade the video card? Is it possible to upgrade the processors in case you need to? Every day there are new enhancements coming out in the market and we are not interested in buying a computer. every six months and therefore we will try to make sure that at least for the next two years the computer will be up to date and we can add and upgrade it to parts as necessary even if you have to pay. a little more than what we wanted to in the beginning.

3. Never look at the casing and do not be tempted by a beautiful casing because after all, the parts inside the casing are installed in most cases in the laboratory of the shop where you buy the computer, and the casing is just a big box that holds and protects the parts but it is desirable when choosing a casing to pay attention that it will have many vents to prevent overheating and fans that are big enough to cool it, because over time a little dust may also accumulate and then also they need to function properly.

4. It is advisable to check who are the manufacturers of the board, CPU and other parts And insist that you only want the parts from the manufacturers that were recommended to you by a technician or someone you trust but do not be tempted by cheap offers from unknown manufacturers because this may in the future cost you dearly.

5. And now check the prices and where it is more worthwhile to buy, but pay attention! It is more important to examine the warranty terms and what it includes and after all that check all the recommendations of that store not only on the Internet where even the store owner can vouch for himself. but it is very worthwhile to buy at a place that close friends recommended to us because of good service and satisfaction received at the time of a malfunction and honoring the terms of warranty when they needed it and not just because of the price.

Another thing to which attention should be paid: As I mentioned earlier, the technology gets more sophisticated, more and more, day by day. And as soon as any store owner knows that some more innovative technology is going to be introduced that will probably be used for the next few years, he tries to get rid of the inventory of old technology with a significant price reduction only the customer does not yet know about it and thinks he grabbed a bargain I am just saying be careful not to get stuck with a computer which is but a new jalopy. I recommend buying from your private technician and the advantage is that you can demand assembly on the customer’s site, open the packaging of the parts yourself. and ensure that they are new and from the companies you requested and maybe even receive warranty at at the customers site this depends on the technician himself. But, there is no lack of technicians who will agree to your terms.

6. And finally, make sure to receive all the CDs and especially the licenses for the computer you purchased that you are liable to use from time to time. The CD of the computer drivers and the operating system installation CD, If your video card is not inbuilt on the motherboard, then it has its own CD.Anyway we strongly recommend consulting us. Before making such a purchase, counseling often very lucrative and is free of charge. We're here for any additional advice you may want.

In order to enable us to benefit from the computer for a long time and to avoid as much as possible from small but annoying malfunctions. We have prepared for you here a handy guide for protecting your computer which includes all the basic care elements where it isdesirable to be repeated once a month to achieve the effect and the best performance from your computer. At every stage we shall be glad to give further explanation over the telephone in case it is necessary to clarify any misunderstanding that could arise.

When the hard drive is almost full, this may make it difficult for it and slow down the computer’s funct.ions It is advisable to clear the computer once a month, even if the drive is not particularly full.

Click on "start" > "run" and write in the window that opens "% Temp%" and press "Enter". In the window that opens click on "Edit" > select all "and" after that, delete. If all the files are not deleted, you must try and delete them one by one or a number of files at a time. For whoever is interested, the disk cleanup tool will also do the work.

Click "start", "programs" > "Accessories," > "System Tools" > "Disk Cleanup". In the window that opens, drive C: is already marked. Click "OK" and the cleaning tool will start to cleanup the temporary files and all types of unnecessary system files. In the next window that appears mark with "√" the entire contents you want to clear. Also below you will see the option "more options" in this category we have the option to delete backup files of the old system by accessing the "more options" tab and selecting the last category "deleting old backups" and then the computer will erase all the old backups of the operating system, except for the last backup. Warning : After entering the 'more options' tab do not change anything except for what is written here.

After completing the disk cleanup and the drive defragmentation tool opens to organize the files and accelerate the speed of the computer. Click "Start" > "Programs" > "Accessories", "System Tools" > "Defragment Disk" In the window that opens select the desired drive and press "Disk Defragmenter" and thus every time repeat this action with another drive on the computer till you completed with all the drive.

Warning : This directory contains system files and directories that are very essential for the proper operation of the computer and therefore care should be taken not to make any changes to them except what is written here. Click "my computer " > “drive C:" > "Windows" and delete the directory "Prefetch" Note: If you are concerned about this operation, it is okay to skip it, it is not crucial.

Here I will explain how to clear the Internet Explorer browser but there exist different types of browsers and it is possible that the names of the paths and of different Windows. Moreover we recommend to manually go over the Favorites list and sort it and delete all that we do not use anymore. Anyway what is explained here does not Delete important files and Web sites, only cleans up in a general manner. Click "start " > "settings" > "Control Panel >" "Internet Options" > "delete" And in the window that opens select "√" on the following options only. Temporary Internet files, Cookies, history and if you would like to delete in addition all the passwords that appear automatically on certain sites then mark it also. But, after deletion you will need to type your password anew And the same about other options that appear in this window. Now after you have completed to mark the options you want, click "delete" and then on "OK" and now the browser is clean of history and other unnecessary files that may cause problems in the future

This test is not essential, but for anyone who is interested or suspects that there is a problem in the hard drive I added this part. Click "My Computer" > and with the right clicker of the mouse "Drive C:" > "Properties" And in the window that opens select in the tab "Tools" check now ">" and tick "√" the two options in the small window that opens and then click "start" or "OK" it is possible that the check can begin only after rebooting the computer and then you will get a blue screen with the test data in real time this is a normal situation.

I am sure that after the implementation of this guide correctly and after restarting of the computer you will feel the difference And will claim that the computer works faster and better than before. In addition programs exist which in a regular manner, clean and maintain your computer. But I personally do not recommend them because usually they work in the background and cause your computer to slow down, of courseit depends on the capacity of the memory and the type of processor. Therefore it is advisable to check with whoever tried these programs and to listen to his opinion before we download different programs to the computer, and later on maybe regret it.

Today more than ever we use the email in box over the Internet because you can open it easily anywhere and the volume of the in box is in most cases much larger than email provided by your ISP. You can also set it up so that we can access it through the software Outlook which we use and see all email boxes which we possess at the same time. For that matter I chose to explain in this guide for Gmail and its set up for Outlook 2010 because its use is very common and popular among most users. For those with other Internet mail boxes you only have to obtain the server addresses and the correct ports and define them in exactly the same places. Moreover it should be noted that in all the versions of Outlook the mode of setting up is similar but may show up in different Windows and graphics and one must pay attention to the settings that we put. For any problem or free advice on this subject if you leave details in "contact us" Yoram K Author of the guide